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As the Armorer's Store, we would be remiss if we did not offer repairs as a part of our services!  After all, that's what we are all about, aren't we?

We are very happy to repair equipment that you send us, but please be advised that we do not work on scoring machines.  Modern scoring machines are solid state, and we are not equipped to work on them.  Older machines, while a bit simpler, are difficult to find parts for, so working on them is not something that we wish to take on.

For other pieces of equipment, we are most willing to take on.  Please contact us at Services@TheArmorersStore.com with your specific problems and we will be in touch to discuss the particular situation with you, and arrange for shippment and prices.

Please do not ship us equipment to repair without first contacting us.

If you are a club in the Houston, Texas area and wish for us to come to your facility to work on equipment, please contact us so we can schedule a time to meet.

If you need the services of an Armorer outside this region, please visit our 'Find An Armorer' page
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