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Armoring Clinic - Full Day

This full day clinic is an expansion of our half day clinic which will cover items such as reel repair, scoring system/strip troubleshooting, how to conduct equipment checks, etc.  The length of this clinic is 8 to 10 hours, depending on the amount of information you want to cover.  A full day may include all or part of the following topics:

o   Discussion of each part for foil, epee and saber (points, blades, grips, pommel nuts, connectors)

o   How each weapon works

o   How to take apart and put together weapons

o   How to test/maintain each weapon

o   How to test/maintain a mask

o   How to repair/maintain bodycords

o   How to troubleshoot problems with a weapon

o   How to rewire a blade, student practical

o   How to re-thread a blade tip

o   How to troubleshoot problems on strip

o   How to layout a venue with multiple strips

o   How to test/maintain/repair reels

o   How to conduct an equipment check

Students will also be provided items to help them with working on their own equipment, such as a copy of the Armorer's Cheat sheet and a Bending Chain!

Please contact us for rates and availability at Clinics@TheArmorersStore.com.

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