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Epee/Saber Grip Gauge

Epee - Saber Grip Gauge

    Product Summary
This gauge is used to measure epee and saber grip lengths to ensure conformity to the 20cm/17cm requirement.  This gauge also measures epee guard depth (5.5cm).  A must have for Armorers and Referees!
SKU/Item Number: T-014
Price:  $24.50
Epee/Saber Grip Gauge
As of the 2012 fencing season, the USA Fencing FOC has begun requiring that the length of epee French grips be in compliance with Rule m.41, which states that the maximum length of the grip and guard is 20cm.  This gauge, originally designed by Rocky Sorenson, measures not only that dimension, but will also measure the length of the saber grip and guard (17cm).  Additionally, it has the ability to measure the maximum guard depth of the epee (5.5cm).

This gauge will be a must have for both Armorers and Referees!