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Practice Arm

    Product Summary

Simple in it’s design and easy to mount, this practice arm is great for individuals and clubs.

Arm has additional adapters available, so that all three weapons can be interchanged for versatility.


SKU/Item Number: T-004
Price:  $95.00
The Arm mounted, with foil

Practice arms generally are made to resemble the human arm, and so does this particular design.  Where this one is different, is that it is easily adjusted for a full range of settings, and it includes the ability to quickly change from Foil to Epee to Saber.


The assembled arm comes with an adapter that allows for setting up each of the weapons, and suggestions for mounting.


This arm is can also be used with the Fencing Dummy Plans, which are available here.


· Simple construction

· Easily maintained

· Versatile; three weapon capable

· Easy change out of weapons