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A Parent's Guide

A Parent's Guide

    Product Summary

A quick guide for parents and new fencers that explains the equipment, what it does, and basics of how to take care of it, for the beginning and intermediate fencer.


SKU/Item Number: B-003
Price:  $75.00 for one time license
Cover, "A Parent's Guide"

Your son, daughter, Significant Other, Spouse, or even yourself, has just finished their first fencing class and has decided that they would much rather do this than eat!


Your next question to the coach is normally, “OK, what do we need?” or an Internet search turns up a bunch of options for equipment that can be confusing, at best.  This pamphlet explains the different kinds of equipment your new fencer will need to continue on at the beginning and intermediate (competition) levels, and how to take care of it!

This pamphlet is just the the thing for clubs and organizations to be able to pass out to students to be a ready reference to answer those questions. The one time license allows clubs to print off as many copies as they wish. The license also includes a customized cover that has the statement that the club has the author's permission to print the pamphlet.

When ordering, please state the name of the club or organization that is to appear on the cover, along with a copy of the logo in .jpeg format if you wish it to be included..


· Illustrations and pictures of each piece of equipment and clothing

· Instructions on how to care for your investment

· Tips on how to make minor repairs

· Answers to sizing questions