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The Care and Feeding of All Things Fencing

The Care And Feeding of All Things Fencing, 3rd Ed

    Product Summary

The world’s first  book covering ALL fencing related equipment, this downloadable e-book is a must have for beginning and intermediate level Armorers.

This is the electronic copy that is available for download.


SKU/Item Number: B-001
Price:  $17.50

The Cover of the Electronic Version of this book
"The Care and Feeding of All Things Fencing" is a must have book for all aspiring and practicing Armorers, as well as fencers who wish to learn how to repair and maintain their equipment.  While there are several books and websites that touch on certain aspects of Armoring, this is the FIRST book to cover the full range of equipment related to the Sport of Fencing; from weapons, to clothing, to scoring equipment.  It is written in an easy to read style, sprinkled with humor and anecdotes about the technical aspect of the sport that makes it both informative and entertaining.

Organized for ease of use, it describes each of the parts of each of the weapons and how they work; the various pieces of equipment used, and worn, by fencers, and finally the components of the scoring system.  Each description includes basic maintenance and care tips for each item.

Basic skills, along with plans for tools and helpful fixtures, are included in the next portion.  This area describes some of the tools and techniques used in repairing equipment or building fixtures and devices that make working on fencing gear a bit easier.

The last portion of the book contains chapters on Basic and Advanced repairs, troubleshooting and training devices.  Here, detailed descriptions, pictures and illustrations guide the reader through the various processes and techniques.

· Descriptions of ALL fencing related equipment

· Chapters on Basic and Advanced Repairs

· Troubleshooting Flow Charts

· How things work

· Detailed descriptions and illustrations