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Advanced Test Box

Advanced Test Kt

    Product Summary

Here is the assembled Advanced Test Box, that is essential for the Armorer who maintains Club weapons.

It is built from the  plans located here.


SKU/Item Number: T-011
Price:  $275.00

This is the Advanced Test Box as described in the plans located here.  It includes a built-in ohmmeter as well as provisions to switch to an external one.


It includes connections for the most common body cord connections and provisions for lamè, mask cord and continuity testing. 


NOTE: The Italian style connector and plug are no longer available as a standard feature due to cost of the components. They are available as an option. Please contact us if you wish to include this option before placing your order. The cost is an additional $75.00


The faceplate is customized to include your logo, name and phone number or any other item of information you wish to include.  Please contact us for options before placing your order.


This is a must have piece of equipment for Armorers that support a large number of fencers, or provide Equipment Control services for larger tournaments.