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Advanced Test Box Plans

Advanced Test Box

    Product Summary

This is a schematic, parts list and wiring diagram for the construction of an advanced test box for testing body cords, lamés, weapons and mask cords.



SKU/Item Number: B-004
Price:  $4.50
The Author's Test Box

As an Armorer, you need to be able to confirm the working condition of weapons, lame`s, reels, floor cords, and body cords.  This box is designed to be able to do all that and more!


With inputs for the various kinds of connectors commonly found in the fencing community, as well as provisions for either building it with, or without an integral ohmmeter, this is a must have tool for serious Armorers.


This Test Box  will test for shorts between lines, continuity and resistance.  It can be used as a quick test for the functioning of weapons, too.




· A schematic of how the electrical components are connected to each other

· Instructions for assembly

· Layout for panel face, along with suggested housings

· Wiring diagram showing the physical layout of the wires and how the connect the parts