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Advanced Test Box Kit

Advanced Test Kt

    Product Summary

All the parts necessary to build an Advanced Test Box, that is essential for the Armorer who maintains Club weapons or works large events. The kit includes all the parts and plans located here.  

SKU/Item Number: T-007
Price:  $175.00

If you've mastered the small test box kit, and are ready for a bigger challenge, this kit is for you!  It contains all the parts necessary to build the Advanced Test Box as described in the plans located here.


This box is designed with an internal ohmmeter, but is also capable of adding an external meter, if you wish.


This is a must have piece of equipment for Armorer's that support a large number of fencers, or provide Weapon's Control services for larger tournaments.


? Easy to follow instructions

? All the parts necessary to assemble one test box

? Includes parts for internal metering

? Includes connectors for the most popular styles of body cords used today.