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3rd Edition Cover
The Care and Feeding of All Things Fencing, 3rd Ed

This updated edition of the world’s first book covering ALL fencing related equipment, is now available in hard copy and downloadable e-book versions, is a must have for beginning and intermediate level Armorers.  Please follow this link Lulu.com to order you copy directly, or use the shopping cart below to buy directly from The Armorer's Store.

Electronic Version

SKU/Item Number B-001
Price: $17.50
SKU/Item Number B-002
Price: $24.95

Hardcopy Version

A Parent's Guide
A Parent's Guide to Fencing Equipment

This is a simple guide for parents, or for new fencers, who wish to know the basic equipment is this fascinating sport, and how to take care of it!,

It is a great item for clubs to include in beginner packages and lessons.  Price includes a one time license to for clubs to print an unlimited number of copies. Also includes customized cover.


SKU/Item Number B-003
Price: $75.00

Advanced Test Box
Advanced Test Box Plan &Schematic

This is plan that contains a schematic, parts list and wiring diagram and instructions for the construction of an advanced test box for testing body cords, lame`s, weapons and mask cords.



SKU/Item Number B-004
Price: $4.50

Fencing Dummy
Fencing Dummy Plans

Plans and material list for a practice fencing dummy that features the ability to be set up for either a right or left handed  opponent, and used with the practice arm found in the Tools, Kits and Materials Section, here





SKU/Item Number B-005
Price: $4.50

Cheat Sheet
Armorer's Cheat Sheet

Can’t remember the resistance values for floor cords? Reel wires? Maximum point diameter for an epee point? This laminated card will help jog your memory! The electronic version of this card is available for download too.

SKU/Item Number B-006a
Price: $2.50
SKU/Item Number B-006b
Price: $1.50

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